Tru Vue® glazing products enhance, protect, and beautify works of art and other valuables, so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. There's a Tru Vue glazing product to fill every framing need and work well in any lighting or viewing environments. 

Larson -Juhl New Zealand has partnered with Metro Glass who provide distribution across New Zealand. 

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Selling Premium Glazing

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Museum Glass

Museum Glass®

 No other glass product compares to Museum Glass®. This industry leading glass product provides 99% UV protection to protect against fading, and is optically coated for a virtually invisible finish, to create amazing clarity.

UltraVue UV70

UltraVue® UV70

This 2.0mm thick water white glass offers crystal clear colour transmission and a virtually invisible, anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity. 

Conservation Clear

Conservation Clear®

Conservation Clear® is the standard conservation grade glass product. Most frame shops use this product as their default glass option. 

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TRU-VUE Acrylic

Optium Museum Acrylic

Optium Museum® Acrylic

Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic® is the ultimate glazing product that performs more like glass than acrylic. This state-of-the-art acrylic product provides 99% UV protection to protect against fading and is optically coated. 

Conservation Clear

Conservation Clear® Acrylic

Leading authorities on preservation recommend using glazing that blocks at least 97% UV light.* Tru Vue® conservation grade glazing products surpass this standard in providing up to 99% UV protection, the maximum level of protection available in the industry. 

Understanding Tru-Vue COATINg TECHNOLOGY

It's What's Inside That Matters Most - For over 70 years, Tru-Vue has been manufacturing premium glazing solutions to protect and enhance precious artworks and memories. This video helps to explain Tru-Vue coating technologies for their range of premium glazing products.